Summer Solstice With Crystals

Summer Solstice With Crystals

The summer solstice is the first official day of summer. The solstice is the longest day of the year when the sun shines in the sky when it reaches its highest point. The word ” solstice “comes from the Latin word” solstice”, the sol, which means”the sun” and that means “pause and Stop”.

The summer solstice is a moment to celebrate the light within us, just like every human on this earth. It is a very spiritual Moment in which we celebrate the light of inner consciousness and connect with the cycles of nature.

The summer sun brings inner strength and abundance to enlighten our lives with their sunlight. The energy of the sun inspires the action. It is an important Moment, to go in Accordance and harmony with your personal Beliefs and truths. It is time to increase your Vibration and light your inner light. He honors the energy of this special event with a simple Ritual of the summer solstice with crystals!

Ritual of the summer solstice with crystals

What do you need?

  • 4 citrine stones
  • 4 clear quartz stones

Steps rituals:

Keep your crystals-Clear Quartz and Citrine-in your hands. Say loud or in your head: “program these stones to store the most vibrating light. I’m programming these stones to amplify my Vibration so I can shine like The Sun. ”

Make a circle of your stones big enough to be inside. Switch between citrine and transparent quartz, while the stones are placed in circular Form (e.g. citrine, transparent quartz, citrine, transparent quartz) until all the stones have been used.

Sit in the circle and make a wish or set an intention. Embrace and celebrate the power and energy of the sun, which is a never-ending circle of light. Feel the light in the circle are brighter.

When you’re done, put the stones in a belt bag or in a bag or even in the bag. Take you all day to brighten your spirit and your life.

Although the summer solstice only takes place once a year, Metaphysical Stores suggests that you repeat this exercise whenever you want to activate and amplify your inner light and amplify your vibration.


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