EMF Protection – Trymax Bracelet

EMF Protection - Trymax Bracelet

Trymax Bracelet – Modern Radiation Protection

World science has proved the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation of ultra-low frequency on the human body. Particularly sensitive people may have headaches and a slight disorder of coordination, especially if the person is in a potential risk group – for the duty of work and lifestyle is constantly surrounded by technology.

TRYMAX technology is able to shield the flow of such fields, allowing the most complete use of the true resources of the body. Thanks to the special treatment of Mylar holograms, silicone bracelet TRYMAX. It is affordable, convenient and effective means of emf protection against the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. Specially designed tests allow us to see how the absence of “noise” of electromagnetic fields affects a person.
Trymax bracelet will also be a spectacular decoration, thanks to the variety of colors and stylish shape. Already available 6 color combinations and the size of the grid will allow you to choose a bracelet under the wrist girth.

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